The University of Miami football program seems to be in grave danger, as the NCAA investigates allegations of payment and gifts to players, which is a direct violation of NCAA regulations and seriously punishable. The entire scandal busted wide open when former booster, Nevin Shapiro, blew the whistle on the UM football program. His allegations first took hold while Shapiro was under investigation by federal officials for fraud. He has since been convicted at the “grand” federal level and is in prison.

Nevin Shapiro is saying that the payments and gifts to players go back as far as 2001. Under NCAA rules, a program can only be investigated up to 4 years in it’s past. However, if their is solid evidence, then the NCAA is allowed to investigate and punish even further beyond the 4 years. Currently, there are 72 named players involved and staff and coaches that go back as far as the beginning of Larry Coker’s tenure as head coach of the University of Miami football program.

Shapiro’s attorney Elena Perez said, “Nevin (Shapiro) thought this was standard operating procedure, I’m not inventing this. Nevin is not going to be the first booster. This probably happens in 99.9 percent of the schools.” And this is the point that has people just about fed up with the way the NCAA regulates violations of payments and gifts to players. We are only seeing and hearing about instances in college football programs where a whistler blower has been involved, but realistically, how many programs are involved in such violations?

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