As more than 120 days have passed since the NFL lockout began, and teams aren’t even really officially capable of making deals, one of the most coveted free-agent receivers, Plaxico Burress, who was just released from prison, after nearly two years locked-up, made a public announcement that he would prefer to play for the Miami Dolphins above all NFL teams. So, how did the receiver-shallow Dolphins respond? By simply saying, “No Thanks.”

And if you follow Miami Dolphins football, you know that despite acquiring one of the studliest receivers in the NFL last season in Brandon Marshall, the Dolphins passing game only improved slightly. No doubt, many fair-weather fans in Miami would like to blame Chad Henne, but he is not the culprit. It’s pretty simple. The Dolphins only have 1 receiver. Double team him, and now they have 0. Well, that’s exactly what teams did to shut down the passing game.

So, then you ask yourself the question, “Why pass on Plaxico Burress?” The Dolphins might argue he is getting too old now, that he has been out of the game too long, that he could cause distractions in the locker room, but I would respond by saying, “So what?” After all, Plaxico Burress is willing to take a pay cut to play for the Dolphins. And when he was playing a couple years ago, he wasn’t just good, he was an elite wide-receiver. His unbelievable Super Bowl catch single-handedly robbed the Patriots of their perfect season. And if there are any doubts, just take a look at the pic in this post where he is taking a shit on a Colts secondary player while making a one-handed grab.

Miami Dolphins, remove your heads from deep inside your crack and sign Plaxico to a minimum. He will surely improve the passing game, and if anything, open it up tremendously for Brandon Marshall.

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