Last night Chris Bosh scored a playoff career high 34 points in the Heat’s victory over the Chicago Bulls to take a 2-1 lead in the Eastern Conference Championship. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, consider that Chris Bosh made 13 of his last 15 shots to carry the Heat to their 96-85 victory. With this performance, Chris Bosh solidified his spot as one of the “Big 3,” despite the premature ridicule by sports analyst and competitors alike to remove him from the conversation.

So where did the incredible performance come from? Some say it was just a matter of time, and that Bosh has had a quiet season mainly due to the fact that he was being used primarily for rebounding and defense, while last night other key players like Joel Anthony and Udonis Haslem took on those roles, freeing Bosh for offense and unleashing the wrath.

Others say Bosh is an ultra “nice guy,” a sort of “gentle giant” or “true gentleman” of the NBA if you will, and that when Carlos Boozer recently called out Bosh by saying the Heat only have two stars (Dwayne Wade and Lebron James) combined with the pushing and taunting words by Taj Gibson on the court frankly just pissed off Chris Bosh and woke the sleeping giant.

Either way, it was a brilliant performance on the part of Chris Bosh and only legitimizes him as an elite NBA athlete that can keep the company of Dwaye Wade and Lebron James as one of the “Big Three” on the Miami Heat.

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