Is it weird that I think labia are so AWESOME? Sometimes I search ‘labia’ in Google images while I have my morning coffee; it sets my day off right. And what have I learned in my quest for labia-love? Labia are like snowflakes; no two are the same. Whether you like them long or short, curled or straight, light or dark, there’s something for everyone.

And slang terms for labia are almost as creative as labia themselves. Some of my favorites include: garden gates, bacon baguette, double suckers, gammon goalposts, Hottentot apron (created by 18th century European explorers to describe the labia of Rwandan women), & my all-time favorite: breakfast of champions. BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!!

And back to Rwandan labia, there’s an ancient Rwandan tradition of labia stretching.

The Rwandan phrase gukuna imishino means “to make long labia”, and European explorers were befuddled by the length of these women’s labia, assuming it was a genetic trait.

And this tradition of increasing labia to the size of a turkey waddle is still active.

The Labia Stretching Society consider stretched labia an art.

Unfortunately, many women think there’s something wrong with their labia -too big, the wrong color, asymmetrical -and they’re motivated to have surgery. You can see perfectly beautiful labia reduced to barely-there lips.

Chicks need to know there are loads of sites out there devoted to large labia! So this post is for both guys & gals.

Spread the word about labia appreciation!

And if you want a sweet treat in the morning, do what I do & have some labia with breakfast.

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